Benefits of Blogging

Before taking Writing 101 I would have never considered blogging, I believed that it was a waste of time. Not only did I believe that it was a waste of time, but also I believed that people did not need to know my thoughts on everything. I thought that it was unnecessary to share my thoughts with the world, I can do so much more productive things besides blogging. However, after I began blogging as a assignment, I have recognized many benefits to blogging. I think that blogging requires a certain degree of sophistication because your audience needs to understand you. Unlike Facebook statuses and Twitter tweets, I think that blogging forces one to use much better grammar than the grammar used in other social media sites. As Jeff Bullas states in What are the 10 Secret Benefits of Blogging?, there are many benefits to blogging such as increased skills in researching and knowledge in everything. Before blogging, I would rarely research or Google anything besides for a research assignment. However, after I began blogging I sort of forced myself to research articles I could include in my article and therefore gained a overall knowledge in the variety of topics I mentioned in my blogs.


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